Vehicle Location, Tracking, Messaging

vltht2Tri-County Communications is pleased to bring GPS Fleet Management to the Rio Grande Valley. We now offer the latest technology in Fleet Management available anywhere in the Country and at the lowest Monthly Cost you will find for Fleet Management Programs. We offer both local, Nationwide and International solutions which will satisfy your requirement for fleet management. Each solution provides different fleet management features, therefore, we have a solution that is right for your requirements. Features such as real-time updates, geo-fencing, alerts, speed and direction, address look-up, breadcrumb replay, history data and many more are included depending on your particular needs. CES can provide real-time updates, voice and data combinations and extensive pre-programmed messaging and offers a lower fixed monthly cost. TracPoint provides National & International Vehicle tracking and fixed monthly costs. Please access the Manufacturers’ web sites by clicking on the logos above for complete information.