Passport Trunking Radios

Tri-County Communications is owner and manager of the only Trident Passport system in South Texas that utilizes the Motorola LS+ series of two-way radios. This state-of-the-art two-way radio network technology provides completely automatic roaming throughout the covered area from Laredo to Brownsville. Two-way radio trunking networks enable your business to communicate quickly, effectively and affordably with high quality Motorola trunking radios. In addition, Motorola radios are engineered and built for years of reliable operation resulting in long-term savings compared to the almost certain annual costs of replacing other wireless equipment.

Tri-County Communications’ wide-area coverage network addresses the needs of businesses that require affordable, high quality communications choices without the high cost of PCS or cellular. Our low fixed monthly rate includes unlimited talk time with the advantage of one-to-many responsiveness and operational monitoring for quick reaction to business needs. You can now budget precisely for communication costs with confidence there will be no budget busting “billing shock” so often associated with cellular services. You are once again in control of your business with Tri-County Communications.

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