The Marketplace…

Tri-County Communications has focused on the long view, the building of a company that will be the premier communications and service provider in Southeast Texas. Through constant vigilance in professionalism and quality of work, the company is poised to dominate the market in the years to come.

abput-2Like no other company in the marketplace, Tri-County Communications has, and continues to invest in people, training, equipment, and facilities. Additions of the right people and facilities has laid the groundwork for developing stronger long term relationships with our customers as well as created an environment where for the first time, accounts that have long standing associations with our top competitors, would rather Tri-County be a part of their future.

Manufactures and suppliers are continually engaging Tri-County Communications to serve as their dealer or distributor in an effort to revive lagging sales within the region.

Today, Tri-County Communications is positioned to capitalize on the investments made, surpass the competition, and truly become the premier provider in the Valley.